Where is your love?

“It is very difficult to be a Russian woman. Perhaps, no one of us could boast that she has easily found her husband. Unless it happened in the youth. Later it is so hard”. These are the words of a Russian TV star. And if popular media people have such problems, what would ordinary women say? We asked the women, registered on the dating site for serious relations https://les-femmes-russes.net why they are searching for men abroad. That is what they answered:

“My name is Eugenia. Probably you have guessed what I meant. My motto is “All we need is love”, I am sure you know this line. 😉 That’s why I started my search on this site. I dream to find a soul-mate. A man, with who we will start building our common home, our small world. I work as a designer-decorator, I am a creative person, I like to work, to get new experience. I prefer to work rather that to sit around doing nothing. But with my beloved man I could probably enjoy a lazy day together”.

“I must confess I haven’t ever tried meeting someone from abroad but I have a feeling that it will work out. Maybe for two of us?. I am cheerful, emotional, enjoy cooking and inviting my friends. But it is also a pleasure for me to travel and I have been abroad several times. In my spare time I also often to skating and skiing with my son. Yes, there is a lot of snow here in winter”.”I am responsible, caring and I would like to meet the man with similar traits of character”, Ira says.

“My name is Svetlana. I am a creative person, active, dynamic. I work as a designer ceramicist. I find this fascinating profession. I am very happy to find my place in the professional life. However, this is not the case of my privacy. I am alone, I do not have children and I want to contruire my little or perhaps big family! It is united, happy and stable!”

your love

“I am from Nizhniy Novgorod about which you might have heard for it is one of the biggest cities of Russia. Yes, I am divorced and it is not the best memory I have, but I am being optimistic. I believe I will find a decent person who will love me and who will treat my children in a good way”.

“I am fond of knitting, cooking, creating cosiness at home. I can be a very good wife. I think I am a good mother. I adore children. I even wanted to become a teacher before. I would be glad to become a good friend of children of my beloved man”, Galina says.

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